Holga & Watercolor


About my watercolor sketches

Centennial Beach Canada.jpg

What can be better than sitting on the beach enjoying the sun and doing some little paintings… also a hot dog maybe a cup of sake?

As do many landscape artists, I love to paint in nature too. Watercolour is a very good media for outdoor sketches, it is easy to mix and it can dry fast. So you can quickly catch another funny cloud or some shiny waves on your paper.

It is a very relaxing thing to do ‘cause I know these are not going to be my final work. All I need to do is let my first instinct take the lead of my hand. I think that's why I often get some good surprises from the sketches that I did a while ago. They are not delicate but defiantly keeps something that is fresh and sparkles. And these fresh sensations remind me of the environments that I was in, help me stay on track and transit the sparkles into the final works.

Vancouver island Canada.jpg